Voter Fraud Revealed In Texas: This Is Why The Democrats Are Not Worried About The Caravan [Video]

Democrats always complain that a valid drivers license to vote is discriminatory. Most Americans have a drivers license or at least a state ID. If they don’t they can always go out and get one like everyone else. But it may be that a drivers license is not enough as seen in the video below. A reporter from The Veritas Project went undercover in Texas to find out if everything was on the level. And what she found out proves why Democrats want those open borders so bad.

The reporter went around to Texas voting stations and the found that they were allowing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients to vote in the midterm elections. Even though it is against Texas Law for a “poll worker to permit an ineligible voter to vote.”

The reporter asks each of the poll workers a similar question and they all failed to tell her “No.”

“So let’s just say my boyfriend is a Dreamer, but he’s registered to vote. He just needs his ID right?”

“Uh huh that’s it.” a poll worker incorrectly affirmed.

“If he has his ID that’s all he needs. If he’s registered,” another election worker claimed.

The reporter even gave some of the poll workers a chance to change their mind and do their jobs but they still failed.

Right. It doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen?” She asked giving the poll worker another chance to correct her.

“No, Don’t pay any attention to that. Bring him up here,” the official said.

Another poll worker said that there was not an issue with DACA recipients voting, claiming, “we got a lot of ’em.”

“You’ve got a lot of them?” the journalist questioned.

“Mmhmm,” the woman said trying to ease the reporter’s fake concerns. “From early voter. We’ve got tons of them. Tons of DACA voters. Okay.”

Watch The Video Below.

And this was just Texas who knows how bad other states were. These older ladies are being sweet but they are undermining our Democracy. They need to tell the illegals that they can’t vote. If they can’t tell people no then they need to find work elsewhere. This is just plain unacceptable.



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