Vulgar Anti-Trumper Tweeter Gets Owned With A Single Photo

These angry Trump haters are too much. They think it is ok to bash the president mimicking the hateful Mainstream media. These misguided Dems want to protest and express their freedom of speech but if anyone opposes them then they are basically the devil. A self-proclaimed white Feminist and Trump hater expressed himself on Twitter, tweeting about how he felt he was entitled to get up in someones face if they supported Trump. He quickly learned that there was a huge flaw in his logic.

The Anti-Trumper’s tweet.

“If you wear a cap in public, I will definitely say, ‘ and fuck you’. I am DONE with racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted hate-mongers. This planet is on fire, and we don’t have time to deal with YOUR shit.”

A black YouTuber and Trump supporter had the best response to this hateful lib.

You just can’t beat that…

Another Liberal did try and go up against Logan here but she too was no match for his wit.

“So you actively enjoy voting and going against your own self-interests? What exactly about this narcissistic madman white supremacist makes you want to side with him? REAL examples please. I’ll wait.”

Logan shut down that liberal effortlessly with the following tweet.

“Please, miss white lady, tell me what my interests are? Because I’m just some slow black guy and I don’t know any better, right? 

In fact, she felt so defeated that she deleted her comment.

This is what conservatives face on a daily basis, all because we back a president that wants to Make America Great Again. If it weren’t for the hateful Mainstream Media, some of these Dems might actually realize that Trump is only looking out for our best interests. But sadly the MSM and politician have them so mixed up, that some libs actually think it is ok to walk up to a Trump supporter and cuss them out.

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