Wallace Calls Out Colbert For His Blatant Bias

Chris Wallace appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. Wallace was there to push his new book about his father Mike Wallace. But before he could plug his book, Colbert wanted to talk about the Mueller Hearing. Colbert felt that it was a great success while Wallace felt it was a disaster. Wallace later explained that it likely had a lot to do with the fact that Colbert is in the Anti-Trump tribe.

COLBERT: “In what way was it a disaster? I don’t understand.”

WALLACE: “Yes you do.”

COLBERT: “No. I promise you I don’t. It seemed like a well-organized and choreographed recitation of the moral, ethical, and criminal failings of the President of the United States. Now, interjected, interjected between those- between those you had Republicans undermining- attempting to undermine the credibility of the man and the mission which was the report. But of course, you’re going to expect that. You kind of knew the way Robert Mueller was going to answer and you knew the Republicans were going to attack him. But-”

WALLACE: “Listen.”

COLBERT: “But it doesn’t take away the impact of the factual statements from the report.”

WALLACE: “But we heard the factual statements from the report back in March when the report was released. Lawrence Tribe, who is a distinguished Harvard law professor and a fierce critic of Donald Trump said, also- I must say it was after I said it- that the hearing was a disaster and that instead of breathing life into the report, he sucked the life out of the report. I mean the report stands and I’m not saying- you know the report is what the report is and it raises some very troubling questions about the President’s behavior.

But the whole reason that the Democrats, the House majority, the Democratic majority in the House, wanted to have this hearing is they kept saying quote was “people aren’t going to read the book. They’ll watch the movie.” The movie was a snore. And part of it was, frankly, because Robert Mueller was- seemed not in control of his brief. He didn’t seem in charge. I think it raised questions as to how much he actually ran the investigation.”

Later Wallace called Colbert out as being an anti-Trumper.

WALLACE: “Yeah, well you probably don’t because you’re part of a tribe and this is the anti- Trump tribe. And you represent the anti- Trump tribe and so do alot of people in this audience. There’s a pro- Trump tribe. My job- ok and there’s nothing wrong with being in one tribe or the other.”

COLBERT: “I’m in the don’t lie to prosecutors tribe. That’s the tribe I’m in. I am in the- I am in the do not welcome the help of a foreign country to win our election tribe. Those are my tribes. What tribe- what tribe are you in? If we’re talking tribes, I’d like to know what tribe you’re in when in comes to those two things.”

WALLACE: “I’m in the journalist tribe which is sitting there calling the shots, each pitch, as it comes in- is that a ball? Is it a strike?”

Watch The Video Below.

Wallace is right Colbert is a big anti-Trumper. Colbert once called Trump, Vladimir Putin’s C**K Holder. So, of course, he thought the hearing was a big success. He wants Trump out, like most Dems. His whole show caters to the Left. Even if he felt otherwise he couldn’t say so, as he would be crucified by the MSM.

The Mueller Hearing was pointless. It was just as Wallace out it an attempt to “breath new life” into the Mueller Report since America is sick of Dems wasting our time with this witch hunt.

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