Warren Echoes AOC’s Absurdity on Climate Change: “It’s Worse Than WWII”

Dem Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren has been hanging out with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez too much. She is now claiming that Climate Change is a bigger threat than WWII. This alone should be a disqualifier.

“So I am excited to be here to talk about this and I will tell you why. America has faced huge challenges before: WWII, Put a man on the moon. This environmental catastrophe bearing down on us may be the biggest challenge yet. But how do we beat it? How do we beat it? We do it by what we have always done as Americans. We invest in science, in innovation, and in American workers, that’s how we are going to do it.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Um, No. Climate Change is not to the level of WWII. I thought she was a teacher but I guess history class must have been a weak point. The moon took a lot of innovation, and that was a big challenge, as we were trying to establish dominance in the space race against Russia. But WWII that’s a whole different animal.

Germany killed millions of Jews and it was not just the Jewish people that were being killed at these camps. It was homosexual, gypsies, the handicapped, and practically anyone that did not measure up to the Blue-eyed, blonde hair standards of the Nazis.

By the time we entered WWII, Germany has already taken over most of France, Poland, and would not be long before they took over most of Europe. If we had not succeeded there is no telling how far they would have gone. It could have been like Phillip K. Dick’s “Man In the High Castle,” where Germany and Japan split America in half.

Had it not been for Yugoslavia slowing down the troops using guerilla warfare and Hitler’s insane order to send his troops to Russia, in summer gear, during the fall, and other factors, we could have lost the war to Germany. Or we might have had to go nuclear with them too.

WWII was a huge challenge that this country faced and should not be diminished by the current green trend. Warren should know better, and maybe this is just the influence of AOC. But either way, she is the wrong here.

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