Washington D.C. Attacks The Food Industry, Fining Those Not Following Their Green Initiative

Politicians in the D.C. area have decided to make legislation that “matters”… They are not going after homelessness or actual issues.

They have instead decided to follow in the irrational footsteps of New York, and have banned plastic straws. But banning was just the first step, they are now enforcing this ban by fining restaurants that do not abide by their forced green initiative.

Technically the ban on plastic straws started Jan. 1, but there haven’t been any real penalties for businesses that have been breaking the rules; they’ve just been given warnings from the city.

Officials will start fining businesses that violate the ban on plastic straws starting July 1. Inspectors have already been visiting businesses and leaving warning letters for those still carrying plastic straws, but they can now levy penalties ranging from $100 to $800 for repeat offenders. Businesses are allowed to keep a small stock of plastic straws for customers with disabilities.”

In Maryland, a statewide ban on plastic foam cups and food containers becomes law, but companies have until July 1, 2020, to adhere to the requirement.”

It’s part of the District’s effort to divert 80% of its waste from landfills by 2032.”

Washington, DC is proud to be leading the way on reducing plastic waste,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, “and as we continue on the path to becoming the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the nation, it’s time to tackle straws. Mid-way through the Year of the Anacostia, there is no better time for our community to double down on efforts that protect our waterways and help us meet our waste diversion goals.

Residents and businesses are eager to be part of the solution, and through the Our Last Straw coalition, it’s going to be easy to do just that. I encourage everyone to take the pledge to say no to plastic straws, and to help keep our neighborhoods, our waterways, and our city trash free.”

So attacking restaurants is the best way to to do this? Why can’t they just recycle plastic straws? This seems a bit extreme and unnecessary. But those do seem to be the standards for most environmental plans set out by the government.

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