Watch: A Marine Vet Barrels Into Protesters To Save An American Flag Set On Fire

The majority of Americans celebrated Independence Day with a Family barbeque and a night of watching fireworks. We are all thankful for the great country that we live in and appreciative of our founding fathers that made this all possible. But some people were taught wrong, or indoctrinated to think otherwise. In front of the White House, a group of revolutionary communists protested, chanting things like “America was never great.” They even pulled out an American Flag and set it on fire.

But where they were hoping to burn the flag to ashes, they were in for a surprise. They attracted the attention of an unnamed man who served under the Flag and respected it. He did not allow this egregious act. He rushed to the flag’s rescue, barreling into the protesters and grabbing the flag, still on fire, with his bare hands. He quickly put it out and told the protesters it was his flag.

When the unnamed man who saved the flag was asked if he was a veteran, he pointed to an arm tattoo and said “Semper Fi.”

Watch The Video Below.

There were also counter-protesters on the scene that eventually drowned out the small group of communists, with chants of  “USA!”

Carl Dix, a Revolutionary Communist Party member, told the Washington Examiner officers asked who burned the flags before making the initial arrests. Dix said the third person detained is not a member of the party but defended the flag-burners. That person was apparently released without being charged.

In a statement, the Secret Service said two officers “received minor injuries while attempting to make arrests” and were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The Supreme Court has found flag-burning protected by the First Amendment, but the Secret Service said Johnson and the other man were arrested on different charges. One faces a charge for “felony assault on a police officer and malicious burning” and the other “for obstructing a police investigation and resisting arrest.” The agency did not identify either man by name.”

It may be within our rights to burn the American Flag, but that doesn’t mean we should. That flag represents our country and Americans have fought and died under it. These protesters are just ignorant. We live in the greatest country on earth why would anyone want to protest that?

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