Watch ABC And CDC Expert In A Full-Blow Panic, People Are Done With Them

In the early days of the pandemic, the Center of Disease Control told Americans that masks don’t work and then slapped a mandate on them. They never fully explained the truth; most masks don’t work and they were afraid people would buy up the N95 masks and leave them with nothing. It was a coward’s lie and the first of many, in term of the pandemic.

The nets backed them all the way. With each changing tide, the media backed up the sudden switch and demonized anyone who dared to question public health authority. When the truth became too clear to ignore, people were fed up and tired of the abuse.

Now they’re freaking out because no one will ever take them seriously again.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz invited Doctor Michael Osterholm from the CDC Research squad out to discuss the damage done over the last 2 years and what can be done to win back the trust of the American people.

Raddatz began, “the overall mask mandate is totally confusing, especially this week, mandates are lifted. Mandates returned, reinstated. Lifted again. You told “The New York Times” this week that public health advice has been way off the mark. All along, about mask protection. So what do you see as the best guidance?”

Dr. Osterholm chimmed in, “Well, it is off. First of all, let me be really clear. I am very, very strongly supportive of respiratory protection. Someone can do a great deal to protect themselves and protect others if they’re using an N95 respirator but this virus is transported by what we call aerosol, these very fine particles that float into the air. It’s like smoke, it’s like perfume and you have to have a high-quality respiratory protection device to protect yourself. What happens on airplanes today, is really more just check a box, it is not effective. Why? Because first of all, you have most people not wearing an N95, they’re wearing a face cloth covering or even a surgical mask which is not effective in reducing transmission.”

Adding, “Then when you get on board, if you’re eating or drinking you don’t have to have something on your face, and then finally about a quarter of all people wear it underneath their nose which is like closing only three of the five-screen doors on your submarine. And so that from that perspective, it really isn’t all that effective. And so I think that what we want to do is stop talking about masking and talking about effective respiratory protection.”

Raddatz wanted answers.. How will they ever get people to obey, ever again? “They seem done with it,” she exclaimed.

Dr. Osterholm offered his take, “well, first of all, the U.S. public is done with the pandemic. Even though the virus is not done with us and we have to recognize that in public health. You know, you can’t swim against a tide of this magnitude so what is it that we can do? Well, we have to have credibility, and, again, what has happened has this has become really a philosophical and political issue, not a science issue. So in the media at the very outset is one of the problems. They keep talking about masks.”

He continued, “That’s like talking about the difference between a condom that’s intact and a condom that has a hundred holes in it. But it’s a condom! No, there is very different effectiveness using these different approaches so from my perspective I would say particularly if you’re an immunocompromised individual, someone who’s at serious risk of illness and serious illness, you need to wear that N95 respirator. If everybody can do that they would keep it on through the duration of the flight, not wear it underneath their nose then that would be a very effective way to have a mandate but what we’re doing now is we are literally just basically addressing a political issue, not a science issue.”


Personally, I’d say they’re too politicized and too partisan for me to trust them. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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