WATCH: ANTIFA’s New Violent Strategy Is Horrifying Reporters Everywhere!

ANTIFA was allegedly cutting camera cords, pushing reporters and blocking cameras. Even liberal sites, like WaPo, fell victim to their actions. Just last week, ANTIFA attacked an NBC reporter.

Emily G, a self-proclaimed activist and survivor, downplayed ANTIFA’s Actions, “Sickening display of violence from ANTIFA last night when a person wearing a black tank top failed to say “bless you” when a journalist sneezed. When will President Trump finally execute these miscreants?”

A Twitter member fired back, “Antifa literally pushed, cut the audio cables and got in the face of journalists. There are videos. Go watch them. If this was a right wing rally doing this to Journos you would be screaming at trump saying he caused this!! Hypocrites!!!”

WATCH: Warning* Strong Language used in the video.

When a Washington Post reporter tried to interview the antifascists, they refused to speak. When he followed them up the street with his cell phone camera, one of them shoved a black umbrella into his lens and several shouted: “No photos!”

“This can harm us,” one of the protesters said, just before someone swatted the reporter’s iPhone out of his hand and threw it into the middle of the street.

The reporter and camera were fine, but the incident was not isolated. Again and again, small groups of ANTIFA members harassed, threatened and occasionally jostled reporters. The activists demanded not to be photographed as they marched down public streets — even as many of them hoisted their own cell phone cameras and staged their own photo ops.

At least they’re all going to get likes, right?” someone said as a group of masked ANTIFA members posed for photographers during one of the afternoon’s more serene moments.

“It’s not about likes,” a woman standing with the antifascists replied. “It’s about control over the narrative.

WOW! In case you missed that please go back and read what the ANTIFA member said. “It’s about control over the narrative’. So, yeah… I guess we should be happy that no one has figured out how to blame Trump for any of this?

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