Watch as Dershowitz Destroys the Dem’s Impeach Trump Narrative

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz claims the MSM is failing to report factually on the Mueller Report. He says this is just the biased media pushing their Trump hate.

There is no case for Obstruction of Justice against the president and therefore no chance of impeachment. He also commented on how the media was dodging his opinion as it appears they don’t like the truth.

“CNN, which used to have me on all the time, on Anderson Cooper, on Cuomo, on Lemon, as an analyst, as a centrist analyst, they decided no, no, it is okay to have extreme Trump supporters, because people just use them as a stick figure exhibits,” Dershowitz said on Sunday. “What they didn’t want was a centrist liberal that went against their narrative.”

“I think we are seeing an elimination of the distinction between the editorial page and the news pages in some of the leading media in the country, and that’s a shame. Walter Cronkite could not get a job in the media today.”

Dershowitz then moved on to how Mueller and the MSM have the Mueller Report all wrong when it comes to Obstruction of Justice.

“[I]n my introduction, I show how Mueller got the law completely wrong on obstruction of justice,” Dershowitz said. “And I lay out what the law on obstruction is. And you cannot be charged with obstruction if you’re the president and you simply exercise your constitutional authority to fire Comey or anyone else. I lay that out carefully.”

“And the best precedent for that is George H.W. Bush, who pardoned Casper Weinberger and five other people on the eve of the trial,” Dershowitz said. “The special prosecutor said he obstructed justice, but he couldn’t be charged with it.

And they never mentioned the Bush case in the Mueller report. Mueller was in the Bush administration. Barr was in the Bush administration. And they deliberately omit as the leading precedent, which would preclude a president from being charged with obstruction for simply exercising his constitutional authority.”

Watch The Video Below. 

You know the MSM is not going to cover this. They’d rather run with their impeach trump narrative as that is what Dems want to hear. They don’t want to accept that Trump is their rightful president and that they are not going to be rid of him until his two terms are up.

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