Watch: Carlson Debates Crazy Gun-Grabber, Dems Planning A Mass “Confiscation By Force”

Tucker Carlson had guest Quentin James on his show. They debated about what Presidential Candidate Swalwell is going to do when it comes to Gun Control.

Carlson started off posing the subject for discussion.

“What he is saying is that anyone that possesses a legal product today will soon be a felon when he makes that product illegal. And without committing any act of violence that person can be imprisoned. That sounds like mass incarceration to me I would think you would be against it.”

“Tucker, thanks for having me,” James replied. “And obviously again, you do have it a little wrong. Congressman Eric Swalwell did say he wants to ban military-style assault rifles. He also said that folks who want to keep them would be able to do so at a gun club or a hunter’s range in a locker, so it’s not taking them by force. It would be a buyback program. Again, this is his proposal, not mine,” James nonchalantly added.

“I know it’s not your proposal,” Tucker reasoned. “But he just said, he said twice, he actually wrote a USA Today op-ed today saying it, and then he just said it on CNN, ‘People who don’t give up their guns will go to jail.’ He just said that. So it’s not a buyback program, that’s a gun confiscation by force.”

“People who don’t follow the law will be prosecuted,” James responded seeming to not really be concerned.

They continued on for a little bit where James tried to defend Swalwell. But Carlson was not having it.

“This is just so frustrating, it’s a very simple issue. Here’s a Democratic presidential candidate who is offering a very specific solution, which you’re ignoring because it’s embarrassing. Why don’t you just say, ‘Yes, I support putting people in prison if they don’t give up their guns, or no, I don’t support it.’ Why are you saying all this stuff that’s irrelevant?”

James just claimed he is in support of an assault weapon ban and he believes people should follow the law.

It’s scary, man. You’re scaring people when you talk like this,” Tucker said. “You’re scaring me.”

Watch The Video Below. 

This is the left they don’t seem to care about rights. Swalwell claims you can keep your pistols and rifles but then wants the evil semi-automatics. He is a dangerous candidate, jail time for doing nothing but continuing to own a gun that you always used lawfully? We need him to drop out ASAP. He is going to make criminals out of most gun owners.

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