Watch: CNN Gets Schooled By Veteran Journalist!

CNN host gets a cold dose of reality about where the Network stands in the media world. Who better to serve that sting but a seasoned journalist. It was hilarious watching the CNN host try to refute the truth- They NEED Trump!

Who knew veteran journalist Ted Koppel could be a savage man. During an episode of The Kalb Report on October 1 at the Washington D.C. National Press Club, Koppel’s observation about journalism in the Trump era triggered CNN’s Brian Stelter, who was part of the panel, as he suggested that Donald Trump was the reason why the network was doing so well.

According to Town Hall, The claim was something that Stelter was not happy with, especially since Koppel said that CNN would be lost without Trump and that it couldn’t do without him. The final straw was when Koppel said that CNN’s ratings “would be in the toilet” without Donald Trump.

During a Monday panel discussion, Koppel began by pointing out that top media moguls like former CBS chief Les Moonves have acknowledged that despite the chaos, Trump’s candidacy and presidency have been financially beneficial to the press. But Stelter challenged Koppel’s not-so-subtle undertone about how much the media relies on Trump.

“That means what?” Stelter asked. “If ratings are up, that means what?”

“The ratings are up, that means you can’t do without Donald Trump,” Koppel responded. “You would be lost without Donald Trump.”

“Ted, you know that’s not true,” Stelter reacted.

“CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump,” Koppel doubled down.

“You know that’s not true, you’re playing for laughs,” Stelter defended his network. “You’ve lived through enough presidencies to know. There will be more presidents.”

“If we go back down 40%, that’s okay too,” Stelter added. “I reject the premise that these networks are making so much money off of Trump and thus, we benefit from it.”

As if 40% is nothing? Come on CNN, your numbers have been in the dumps for ages. Face it, you need Trump top to survive.

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