Watch: CNN Mocks Trump For Paying Respect To George H.W. Bush: Talk About Bad Taste

The MSM usually goes out of their way to bash Trump. But in light of former President George H.W. Bush, many media networks took a break and tried to be civil out of respect. But CNN didn’t get the memo. They showed just how classless they could be when they bashed Trump for paying respect to the former president.

“He’s not one to mend fences too readily,” CNN’s Jamie Gangel falsely claimed. “I think he’s doing this because he feels he has to do it and I’m also assuming General Kelly has had a big hand in it.”

“I do know from the Bush family that they are very appreciative and think the White House has just bent over backwards, gone to great lengths, been extraordinarily helpful,” Gangel continued. “That said, I just can’t help but wonder if there was a thought bubble over Donald Trump’s head just know, what he was thinking as he stood there.”

“I have to imagine he was thinking, ‘how much longer do I have to stand here?'” CNN panelist Jeffrey Engel said mockingly.

“It’s, it’s, he had to be there, he did it, um, I think it’s interesting he did it because maybe he could have waited till the National Cathedral and then he saluted,” Gangel rambled. “It was somewhat theatrical, uh, in nature, but it’s, I, I can’t imagine that this is very comfortable for him, these moments and I think it is going to be fascinating to watch the cathedral on Wednesday and how he interacts with these other presidents and how he sits there during these eulogies.”

“I think we need to be a little bit thoughtful and careful about how we interpret what President Trump is doing here,” Engel said hypocritically. “David Gergen just mentioned we need to give him credit for not tweeting out nasty things about President Bush. I’m concerned that we shouldn’t give credit to someone for not kicking dirt on the grave of a person who just passed away.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Geez, you would think CNN would lay off for a day, but I guess they can’t help themselves. They have needy liberals ready to read the latest fake news.



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