Watch: Crowder Confront Woman Who Allegedly Threatened Him!

Steven Crowder, an American-Canadian conservative political commentator, often holds ‘change my mind’ debates with liberals during events. He then posts their outrageous, and often belligerent, responses on his YouTube channel. Crowder often calls out leftist extremists for their violent and irrational behavior and has become pretty famous for it.

As you can imagine, Crowder has made himself increasingly unpopular with the left and during a recent event, attempted to confront a ‘protester’ who allegedly attempted to encourage the people of Twitter to firebomb his van. ‘Firebomb lady’ was extremely ‘shy’ and uninterested in debating her actions.  No worries though, her mob of merry men and woman were there to rescue her from the awkward ordeal.

As Written By The Daily Wire

During the recent filming of one of his “Change My Mind” sessions in Texas, conservative comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder noticed that a left-wing activist that had recently called for the firebombing of his crew’s van in Austin was at the event. So, as Crowder is famous for doing, he went over to try to talk to her. After repeatedly demonstrating the indefensible nature of her calls to violence, Crowder soon found himself surrounded by a group of increasingly outraged activists.

“How are you today?” Crowder, dressed in an Uncle Sam outfit, said as he approached the “Our Revolution” activists’ booth. “Quick question: Why would you encourage people to firebomb my van?” he asked the girl who had encouraged violence against his team online. “Why would you do that?”

In stereotypical social justice warrior fashion, instead of responding, the activist took out her phone and started filming.

“Do you think that’s appropriate to encourage people to firebomb my van and hurt my crew when we are just expressing a difference of opinion?” asked Crowder. “Why would you threaten to firebomb my van or encourage other people to do it?”

The ‘protesters’ didn’t have a rational response so they did what they normally do. Chant and try to intimidate the voice of reason.

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