Watch: CT Governor Candidate Asks City Official To Step Down After Taking A Knee To The Pledge

Selectwoman Melissa Schlag, Democrat in Connecticut, was captured on videotape, taking a knee in protest of Trump. Her timing and decision to do so was not only uncalled for but completely inappropriate. The elected official now faces serious criticism as other officials ask her to step down.

According to Hartford Courant, Schlag’s protest at the July 16 selectman’s meeting drew condemnation from the state’s top Republican official and criticism from some in Haddam, a bucolic community of about 7,200 situated along the gentle bends of the Connecticut River.

“Disgusting, if you ask me,’’ declared Ken Pellegrini, a 56-year-old welder who lives in town. “That’s our flag. It’s disrespecting our whole country and that’s not OK.’’

Pellegrini said he once supported Schlag, who served as first selectwoman before losing her re-election bid in 2015 and making a comeback two years later.

He’s not the only one, the Connecticut Mirror reported:

Schlag’s protest also drew scorn from Republican First Selectwoman Lizz Milardo, who released a statement characterizing the demonstration as “a selfish act of attention” that “does not belong in the town meeting.”

“The flag does not represent a president or issue you take exception to it represents our nation and freedom that others have sacrificed and defended for the rest of us,” Milardo said. “I have many residents upset.”

The two women have some political history of their own. Milardo ousted Schlag, who served as first selectwoman of Haddam for two years until losing by 25 votes to Milardo in the 2015 election.

As Reported By The Daily Mail:

Top Republican officials in the state have spoken out against the local lawmaker, seeking to capitalize on the incident politically while voters are paying attention.

‘She needs to resign immediately,’ Tim Herbst, a former Trumbull, Conn., mayor and now Republican gubernatorial candidate, said on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday.

‘One of the things the flag stands for—it stands for our freedom, it stands for our democracy. It stands for the fundamental ideal that we can have differences of opinion, but we all stand in respect of our flag because many people, including my 93-year-old grandfather who’s a veteran, fought in defense of the very liberty that the flag resembles.’

Chairman of the Republican Party in Connecticut, J.R. Romano, believes Schlag’s protest is part of a larger effort by Democrats ‘trying to grab headlines and be in a perpetual state of rage,’ he told the Courant.

So there you have it. In what looks to be a mental hospital gown, an elected city official took a knee – not during the National anthem but during the pledge of alliance. The whole thing looks to be a publicity stunt from an extremely desperate party.

Maybe I’m wrong. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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