Watch: Terrifying Footage Of Trump-Hating “Adult Star” In A Shootout With Police

Prosecutors have released dramatic surveillance video of the former Miami porn actor who broke into the Trump National Doral Miami resort, unfurled an American flag across the lobby counter and got into a gun battle with cops in May.

On May 18, 2018, Jonathan Oddi, a former adult film actor, broke into the Trump National Doral Miami resort and began pacing, barefoot, in the lobby. Witnesses to the event said Oddi was “making disparaging remarks about” President Donald Trump, according to The Daily Wire.

The footage then shows him leaning against that desk and putting on socks before spreading out the flag and attempting to reach the security camera. Oddi unfurls the flag some more and smashes the resort’s front desk computers before police arrive outside.

At first, Oddi puts the gun down and puts his arms in the air, but then picks the gun up and begins shooting at the officers, using the desk as cover. After some back-and-forth shooting, Oddi takes off into the hotel, still firing. He briefly slips on the hotel’s floors as officers pursue. He then runs up a flight of stairs and knocks over some furniture before an officer is able to arrest him.

Oddi’s attorney, Christopher M. DeCoste, told NBC the video clearly shows a man suffering from a “mental breakdown.”

“A breakdown further evidenced in body-cam footage later at the hospital. It can also be seen with a quick look into his eyes in his booking photograph,” DeCoste said in a statement. “A defendant can be found not guilty by reason of insanity. This evidence could support such a finding. This end would not result in outright release, but rather intensive and clearly necessary treatment.”

As Reported By The Miami Herold:

Oddi is a self-described fitness instructor, real estate investor and manager at Pegasus, a business dealing in minerals and gemstones.

He also had a very Miami side job — about five years ago, he was a stripper for Dancing Bear, a South Florida website that produced videos of raucous staged parties involving women performing sex acts on male dancers.

The Doral hotel was purchased by the Trump Organization in 2012 and used to host a professional golf tournament.

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