Watch: Inmates Make A Run For It In Court But THIS Judge Wasn’t Having it!

Washington State Judge threw off his robe and jumped from his bench when two foolish inmates decided to make a run for it in the middle of court.

A district court judge R.W. Buzzard lept from his chair when Tanner Jacobson, 22, and Kodey Howard, 28 took off out of his courtroom. The pair were still handcuffed and managed to slip by the bailiff- who was busy with other inmates at the time.

According to The Daily Wire, footage from the Lewis County court house shows the two inmates running down a hallway when Howard face-planted going around a corner. He picked himself up but lost a shoe in the process. This allowed Buzzard time to catch up to him and grab him before he could escape through an emergency exit. Jacobson was arrested a few blocks from the court house.

Courthouse security footage obtained by The Chronicle of an attempted escape by two inmates Tuesday afternoon depicts Judge R.W. Buzzard grabbing hold of one escapee just as he’s primed to exit the building.

The second escapee made it a few blocks away before he too was caught by authorities.

For their troubles, Tanner D. Jacobson, 22, of Onalaska and Kodey L. Howard, 28, of Winlock were each hit with a felony charge of second-degree escape.

“Once I got to the stairwell, I knew I was going to be able to catch the one that was just in front of me because I immediately started gaining on him,” Buzzard said.

Chief Deputy Dusty Breen of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department said Buzzard was “a help” to apprehending the inmates, and that this was “not the first incident Judge Buzzard has gotten involved in,” though he didn’t elaborate.

One thing is for sure, this quick thinking judge’s persistence stopped at least one alleged crook from hitting the streets. Had he been able to continue, there is no telling what situation await the unexpecting. People are capable of anything when they’re desperate to escape.


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