Watch: Joy Behar’s Laughable “BIG Threat” Will Leave You In Stitches

Joy Behar is at it again but this time instead of her usual badmouthing and tasteless humor she showed us just how big her ego is. The View hosts were talking about how people are critical of Biden since he would be 77 if he were to run in the upcoming 2020 election.

During the segment on Joe Biden’s age, Behar made the most outrageous claim yet.

“So former Vice President Biden was asked if he would consider ending my long national nightmare by running for president in 2020. But he thinks his age could hurt his chances. He’s wondering if they could. I’m wondering too.”

They then cut over to a clip of Biden discussing his concerns over the possibility of being president in his later years.

“If I were to run I think they would judge me on my vitality. Can I still run up the steps of Airforce 2? Am I still in good shape? Do I have all my faculties? Am I energetic? I think it is totally legitimate for people to ask those questions.” Biden said expressing his concerns over his vitality.

They then cut back to Behar who claimed Biden would be 78 by the time he hypothetical was inaugerated. The hosts then continued by praising the former vice president, believing he would have a real chance of beating Trump. Of course, Behar then had to take a jab at Trump claiming he was a out of shape and a “cheeseburger away from whatever.”

Behar then said the most preposterous thing and not about her age.

“I will turn myself in, I am Joe Biden’s age. I will not say the number, it gives me vertigo, but I am Joe Biden’s age. I could run for president. I’m perfectly healthy. My brain is working. I have great stamina. I’m good.”

Watch The Video Below. 

What a scary notion. We all know she couldn’t handle Trump. But the thought of her as president is unsettling. Luckily we don’t have to worry as Trump should get the second term. It is rare a sitting president fails to win a second term. Talk about an inflated ego though. Behar has shown time and time again that she is disrespectful and would not be worthy of the office. The only upside of Behar running would be the chance to see Trump schooling her in debates.

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