Watch: Lindsey Graham Rips CNN Host Apart For Spreading Obama’s Lies

Senator Lindsey Graham corrected CNN’s pro-Obama stance. Graham appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday with Dana Bash. During the interview Host Bash tried to go after Trump for withdrawing troops from Syria quoting Graham who had earlier claims that it could lead to “a second 9/11.” Graham was quick to remind her that the mess they were in was due to Obama pulling all of our troops out of Iraq back in 2011.

“If ISIS reconstitutes itself after the U.S. leaves, does President Trump bear responsibility?” Bash asked attempting to blame the president.

“Well, number one, everything we’re dealing with today falls on Obama’s watch. He’s the one that withdrew from Iraq,” Graham corrected her. “In 2011, October the 21st, I said, I hope..”

“But he did it because there was a status of forces agreement with Iraq, right?” Bash interrupted trying to free Obama of any responsibility.

“Listen — well, no, that’s a bunch of bulls**t. Pardon my French,” Graham said. “That’s a complete lie.”

That’s a complete, absolute lie. I have been there. Yes, I was there talking to the prime minister of Iraq. And he said, how many soldiers you’re talking about? Obama wanted to get to zero. He got to zero. And 20 — October, the 21st, 2011, I said, I hope the president’s right and I’m wrong, but I fear this decision will come back to haunt us.

ISIS came about as a result of our withdrawal from Iraq. The caliphate was established in Syria because Obama sat on the sidelines and watched the place be dismembered.

Watch The Interview Below.

Graham once again put CNN in their place. They thought that they were going to freely jab at the president since Graham had disagreed with the Syria withdrawal. But despite their differences, Graham stuck by the president and gave CNN host Dana Bash a much-needed dose of truth.

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