Watch: Lisa Page Hung Peter Strzok Out To Dry In Her Latest Bombshell

The FBI lawyer who was allegedly intimate with FBI agent Peter Strzok completely destroyed his testimony. The two have become somewhat famous in the worst way when their private text messages and affair became public.

Messages, that when read by anyone other than Strzok, look an awful lot like a conspiracy against then-candidate Donald Trump.

According to Town Hall, Yesterday was day two of testimony from former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who was also the mistress of disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok. The two sent tens of thousands of texts, anti-Trump in nature during some of the most politically sensitive investigations the FBI has undertaken in recent memory: the Clinton email probe and the counterintelligence investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

Strzok was a key player in both investigations. Throughout 2016, the two sent texts that have raised eyebrows and questioned the credibility of the FBI’s impartiality. From “we’ll stop it” and an “insurance policy,” both referring to the Trump presidency, GOP lawmakers want to know what Strzok meant.

Rep. John Ratcliff, R-Texas, told reporters that Page has been more cooperative than Strzok in her interview, offering lawmakers “plausible answers” and “plausible explanations.” – his statement via ABC News:

“In many cases, she admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say, as opposed to Agent Strzok, who thinks that we’ve all misinterpreted his own words on any text message that might be negative,” Ratcliff told reporters.

“She’s certainly more cooperative than Peter Strzok was and the pieces of information filled in some blanks along the way, but we’ve got a huge jigsaw puzzle to put together,” Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, agreed.

King said he wrote a letter to committee leaders Monday requesting they subpoena additional information, including text messages between Page and Strzok sent on their personal devices, though he predicted President Trump would need to declassify certain details.

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