[Watch] MSNBC Host SUFFERS CRITICAL ERROR During Segment On Florida Event – TWICE!

Good ole mainstream media. They always seem to only make errors that paint the picture they’re trying to portray. MSNBC host, Craig Melvin has struck gold and by becoming a viral video of failed moments. During his interview of two gun control advocates from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the host misidentifies the pair as shooting ‘survivors’, twice.

Only one of the children were even remotely related to the even and the segment became so awkward, he had to ask the host ‘are you cool?’. The gun-control advocate eventually grew tired of Melvin’s ‘error’ and called him out on it. Correcting the host in the best way possible:

“Look, I was a graduate of Stoneman Douglas at the time of the shooting, my brother and sister have survived the mass shooting that happened there,” Deitsch said.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Melvin played a clip of the interview with the young man’s brother, still insisting they were the same person.

“That’s my brother,” Deitsch said. “You call me a ‘survivor,’ you play my brother as if it’s me. Are you guys cool?”

The host scrambled to apologize again, but it was too late. Take a look!

As Reported By Conservative Tribune:

One is going to guess that Melvin was ill-prepped for this particular interview as opposed to generally careless when it comes to getting stuff right on air. His best-known interview in recent months — one in which he stared down a wolfish Bill Clinton who was supremely angry that Melvin dared to even ask him about Monica Lewinsky – showed a very prepared interviewer, at least from my vantage point.

I suppose we’re all allowed bad days, but it helps if that bad day doesn’t happen when you’re interviewing individuals involved in the Stoneman Douglas shooting right after the Thousand Oaks murders, and you can’t get who’s the survivor right.

This was the time to get things straight, and Melvin, well, didn’t. Nor was he helped out by the people at MSNBC, who couldn’t even get the chyron right.


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