Watch Pro-Life Advocates vs Triggered Lib

Austin Beigel, a Pro-Life Activist, was attacked while trying to calmly explain why abortion is not the answer. He was on the University Of North Carolina campus and it was not even the person he was talking to that attacked him.

A random woman walked up to Biegal and questioned him.

“Did ya’ll put these up?” She asked “Is this you?” she impatiently asked not getting an answer fast enough. Biegel and his associated answered yes and Biegel was immediately attacked. While she was punching and shoving him the lady yelled at him “You’re a f**king terrible person.” Biegel did not retaliate he just calmly told her to stop and to please stop. She continued “This is not ok!” Biegel tried to reason with her but she responded by telling him to “Shut the F**k up! This is wrong, this is triggering.”

The police were called and ended up giving the triggered lib a citation instead of arresting her.

Biegel later commented about the attack on Facebook.

I was recently assaulted on campus at UNC while peacefully talking to students about abortion. Violence from abortion supporters is becoming more common. Look at what Mark Harrington, the president of Created Equal, had to say about the incident.”

“‘Pro-abortion activists are losing the argument, and instead of seeking debate they are escalating the violence on peaceful preborn defenders on college campuses. We will never cave to acts of violence or intimidation. We will return hate with love for mothers and their babies.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Unlike the attacker, Biegel just wishes her the best.

“I hope you pray for the heart of the young woman who attacked me, because ‘There but by the grace of God go I. Please consider supporting me and my wife so that I can continue bringing the truth in love to the many lost people in our country. Your donations make it possible for lives to be saved and changed by God through my ministry.”

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