Reporter Screams “DO YOUR JOB” At Sarah Sanders After Not Getting His Way

After giving a 15 minute long Press briefing, White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had to endure a flurry of screaming reporters. One, that stood out about all was a male reporter who screamed, “Do your job, Sarah!”, just as the room started to quiet down.

Breakfast Media White House correspondent, Andrew Feinberg took credit for the rude and unprofessional act. He then made it his personal mission to burden the people of social media with his rants.

Like all snowflakes, Feinberg took to Twitter to complain about not getting his way:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuses to do the job for which she is paid money raised from US taxpayers. She delays each briefing so she can use a presidential event as an excuse to end it early. She does not respond to emails, she does not meet with (most) reporters. Why is she here?

Many reporters who cover the White House work for smaller media outlets, and it’s clear the administration feels those reporters (including me) are not worth their time.

Since Sarah Sanders took over for @seanspicer as @PressSec MORE THAN A YEAR AGO I have not been able to get a single meeting with her despite my many requests. When I find her in her office she is invariably heading to a meeting and tells me to “shoot me a note.”


Do I get a response to that note? Never.


Do I ever get responses to my requests to speak with administration officials? Never. 

Do I get calls returned or answers to any other questions I am told to pose via email? Never.


I, like many other reporters for smaller outlets, am not part of the rotating “pool” of reporters who are permitted to pose questions to the president and other officials during so-called “pool sprays.” In theory, we can still ask to be join the “pool” as “extras” for an event.


Has a single one of those requests been granted in the year and a half she has been in the @PressSec job? Never.


Her office also arranges invite-only pen-and-pad briefings with senior officials (Chief of Staff, Nat’l Security Adviser, etc) on occasion. 

I am at the White House nearly every day but do I ever hear about them before I see nearly every other reporter coming out of them? No.


Now, one can argue that the White House press secretary has a limited amount of time and attention, and that she has to be judicious in how she allocates both. I wholeheartedly agree. 

But, but, BUT…


I’m not the only reporter who @PressSec has apparently decided is insignificant enough to ignore. By ignoring me and others like me, she effectively ignores those Americans who read our work and rely on us for news each day.

Bottom line: @PressSec refuses to brief us, when she does she arranges it to avoid taking more than a few questions before ducking out, and for most of us she’s totally unresponsive. 

Why is she in that job drawing $180k/yr salary if she won’t perform its essential functions?”

He also went on to share Sander’s twitter posts (mostly about the Red Hen restaurant ordeal) as if to justify his rants. The two just do not correlate, but somehow he seems to think so, I guess?

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