Watch: San Juan Mayor Under Fire For What Happened to Supplies After Her ‘Plea’ For Aid

The San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, BLASTED the President and the U.S. Government for not getting hurricane relief supplies to Puerto Rico fast enough. Her, now famous video, showed the Mayor standing infront of cases of food and water while screaming that they had none.

You won’t BELIEVE what happened to those supplies once the cameras stopped rolling. Warning: This will make you furious.

Those supplies, that desperately needed to get to the families hit but last years hurricane, were left to ROT in the sun. Reportedly abandoned in a parking lot and left for rats and vermin to feed on. Photos were leaked to news agencies outside of Puerto Rico which launched an investigative report into the issue. What reporters there found was disgusting!
Those put in charge of the containers of supplies, don’t even know what is in them. Worse, shortly after the photos were leaked someone reportedly locked the containers so the reporters couldn’t look inside.

As Reported By NY Times:

A local radio station, posted a video Friday showing cases of beans, water, Tylenol and other goods covered in rat and lizard droppings.

The Puerto Rico elections commission offices had been used as a collection center for goods donated from around the country for victims of the devastating hurricane that struck the island last year. For weeks, hurricane survivors lacked running water and electricity. Widespread power failures and a severe diesel shortage kept stores, restaurants and banks closed, making it difficult for people to purchase groceries.

Records show that an additional 1,427 people died in the months after the storm, compared to previous years.

he goods donated by private entities and nonprofit groups were collected at the elections commission offices, and then distributed by the National Guard. Once the crisis subsided, goods were moved to trailers in the parking lot of the election bureau’s San Juan offices but apparently not delivered, despite continuing problems on the island. Authorities on Friday acknowledged that they have been there for nearly a year.

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