Watch: Senator Graham Makes Short Work Of Protesting Democrats

Senator Lindsey Graham has been making great strides recently. He let the Democrats have it during the Kavanaugh hearing. He called them out for the smear campaign and let them know how messed up they are for what they have been doing. The Democrats always pull out McConnell and how he stopped Obama from appointing an additional Justice. But McConnell didn’t make a mockery of the whole process as they just did.

Graham went further to say that the way they were acting was going to make good candidates think twice before coming forward for a Justice nomination. As they almost ruined Kavanaugh’s good name and definitely negatively impacted Dr. Ford’s reputation when they used her as a pawn in their stall tactic.

The South Carolina Senator really stepped up after the hearing. He made a point to let America know that he was not going to stand for this type of behavior and plans to investigate the dirty dealings of the Democrats. This is something all Republicans should get on board with. So it should come as no surprise that he once again handled the Democrats.

After Graham showed that he was not going to lie down and just take these antics the Democrats, of course, targeted him. Protesters showed up and tried to impede the Senator. They started shouting at him trying to intimidate/irritate him. One protester, in particular, was persistent.

She tried to get a rise out of him three times and each time he took the high road.

Protester: “Old, white, privileged patriarchy!”  “We are voting you of office!”

“Believe women! Believe your daughters! Believe your mother! Believe your sisters! He lied under oath!”

And each time he welcomed them to come to South Carolina.

Watch Senator Graham with the protesters below.

Graham went on Twitter after the strenuous nomination process and popped up a victory tweet. The post may have kind of rubbed it into the Democrat’s faces. But they deserve it.


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