Watch: Stephen Colbert Threatens To Strangle AG Bill Barr On Live T.V.

Late night host, Stephen Colbert, made a fool of himself shortly after the Justice Committee’s hearing with AG Bill Barr. The tasteless host joked about how he wanted to strangle Barr. All this because Dems didn’t get what they wanted out of the Mueller report.

“Did any of you get a chance to watch it today? It was incredibly frustrating to watch filled with legalistic hair-splitting and political a—-covering,” Colbert began. “I’d say maybe you want to wring his neck, but you would need like five more hands.”

Colbert mocked Barr for calling the letter Special Counsel Robert Mueller in response to the attorney general’s four-page summary a “bit snitty.”

“I can imagine Mueller was a bit snitty because your four-page summary was a steaming pile of snit,” Colbert quipped.

He accused the “piñata of perjury” of taking everyone down to “Supercuts” for “some cheap hair-splitting” and slammed Barr for calling his summary “principal conclusions.”

“Same with it — Bill Barr has not proven himself to be a political prostitute, he’s a political call girl,” the CBS star continued.

Fox News noted that other late night hosts are also upset that Meuller’s ‘bombshell’ report turned out to be the bomb that blew up the Democratic party:

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” host Jimmy Kimmel told his audience that it’s “rare to see a fat man tap dance for five hours straight” and went after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who he said “appears to be running for first lady lately.” He also poked fun at the GOP lawmaker for apologizing to children after dropping the F-bomb “as if kids are off the playground and gathered around C-SPAN for the hearings.”

Meanwhile, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah conceded that Barr “raises a good point” when saying it was Mueller’s “responsibility” to conclude whether or not President Donald Trumpobstructed justice.

“Mueller was brought in as a super detective, but instead of solving the case, he laid out the evidence and walked away,” Noah said. “That would be the worst episode of Sherlock Holmes ever.”

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