Watch: Steven Crowder Smack Down, Destroys Liberal Logic In The Best Way!

Steven Crowder has shown up many Liberals as they attempt to change his mind. In his most recent rendition, he took on the Liberal ideology that Trump is a Fascist. His location had him at odds at first as he chose to set up in front of The White House. But he soon found a couple of takers that couldn’t follow through with their argument, as he taught them how wrong they were.

The first person he interviewed was an older lady.¬† After reading the definition from the Merriam¬†Webster Dictionary for Fascism, she realized that he didn’t fit all of the criteria.

a political philosophy, movement, or regime…that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

She quickly became feisty when she couldn’t prove that Trump was a fascist. She got offended when Crowder brought up Obama and thought he was not relevant to the conversation.

“His policies would actually fly in the face of that…If we talk about policy, President Obama actually withheld more information, spent $36-odd-something million under the Freedom of Information Act to withhold information from journalists,” Crowder said pointing how this would be a sign of fascism.

She felt he was just taking a jab at Obama, it took Crowder a while to help her understand how it related. But she was on edge for the rest of the session. It seemed like she gave up on the Trump is a fascist bit and moved on to how he was supposedly breaking laws by arresting illegals. And no matter how much Crowder tried, he could not make her understand that there were no laws allowing immigrants to cross our borders without getting the appropriate documentation/permissions.

She ended up leaving claiming he was twisting her words and using pressured language.

Watch The Video.

Crowder’s next session was not as intense as the guy was clearly was not ready. He skipped fascism in favor of racism. He was quickly proven wrong as he knew a lot of hearsay and could not pin down Trump to any of it. Crowder then had to reel him in as he was going off on some tangents about Trump’s rhetoric, which had nothing to do with his policies or the Liberal idea that he might be fascist.

Crowder really showcases how Liberals don’t know what a Fascist is and how they were upset to learn that their beloved Obama fit the description far better.


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