Watch: Trump Humiliated Senator Blumenthal At A Fiery Tennessee Rally – Classic!!

Trump demolished Senator Blumenthal at his Tennessee rally- and it was oh so enjoyable to watch. The President called out the far-left Sen. on his lies and ‘big fish’ stories.

Blumenthal had said last week that Trump’s initial reluctance to order the now-ongoing supplemental background probe of Kavanaugh was “tantamount to a cover-up.” He quizzed Kavanaugh during Thursday’s hearing on everything from the high court nominee’s high school yearbook entries to his drinking habits, According to Fox News.

“For 15 years as the attorney general of Connecticut, he went around telling war stories,” Trump told the crowd. “‘People dying left and right — but my platoon marched forward!’ He was never in Vietnam. It was a lie. And then he’s up there saying, ‘We want the truth from Judge Kavanaugh.’ And you’re getting the truth from Judge Kavanaugh.”

“And then you have Cory Booker — who destroyed Newark,” Trump continued, describing the New Jersey senator. “And see some of the things he wrote when he was young about women. Take a look.”

Booker, a Democrat, once wrote an article detailing an instance where he twice reached for a woman’s breast without her apparent consent in 1992, saying the ‘Top Gun’ slogan was ringing in his head as he went in for a “groping.” The New Jersey senator compared himself to the gladiator Spartacus last month and is widely considered a 2020 presidential contender.

Trump them moved on to the looney socialists calling them “the Democrats want to turn America into Venezuela.” He also previewed a potential new line of attack heading into November’s midterm elections, calling the Democratic Party the “party of crime.”

“Every day, innocent lives are stolen because of Democrat-supported immigration policies,” Trump said. “Republicans believe America should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not for criminal aliens.”

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