What You Need To Know About Bernie Sander’s New Job Plan [Video]

Bernie Sander’s New Job Plan That ‘Guarantees’ A Higher Paying Job For Every American?

Move over Cuba, Havana here we come. Bernie Sander’s proposes a socialist approach to the ‘job problem’. Which, by the way as of February unemployment national average has dropped substantially.

According to Fox News, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is preparing to unveil a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job offering $15 per hour and health care benefits to any American worker “who wants or needs one,” The Washington Post reported Monday.

It is not clear when Sanders will announce the plan and a Sanders spokesperson told the Post that it was still being crafted.

It is also not clear how Sanders’ plan would be paid for. Republicans have long opposed a federal jobs guarantee, saying such a plan would be too expensive and impractical.

Pro-socialism Kristen Gillibrand Tweeted: “If Republicans could give $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest among us, why can’t we invest a similar amount in a guaranteed jobs plan for regular Americans who are unemployed and willing to work to better their local community?”

Where exactly are these higher paying jobs coming from? I mean, aside from out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

As Written By With Rick Moran American Thinker:

They are too ignorant to know what this means for their personal liberty, and they don’t care if it radically alters the character of America.

Are there still enough people who care about what America stands for?  I know there are.  The problem is that most people have become so cynical about politics that they see no need and have no desire to vote.

So those who would destroy what America has stood for have a distinct advantage.  What sounds like “reform” would actually permanently alter the relationship between the governed and the governors.  We’d be little better than serfs, wholly dependent on the government for our survival.

Sanders, Booker, and Gillibrand are not novice legislators.  They are all experienced pols who are thinking seriously about running for president.  That they are seriously proposing a federal jobs guarantee indicates that they believe they will get enough votes to win by pushing this plan.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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