Whoa: Dem Senator Risks Everything To Speak The Truth – Admits He Supports Trump [Video]

Indiana Senator- Democrat, Joe Donnelly, bucked the system and came out in support of President Trump’s wall. Some critics are calling it a brilliant ploy but after some digging, it seems he has a bit of a past in nonconforming to his parties demands.

According to Politico, the moderate Democrat says he does “not want under any circumstances” a shutdown. So he said Congress should “absolutely” provide the president with a larger amount of border wall funding this fall to avoid one.

“I’m fine with providing him some more. I actually voted for border wall funding three different times,” Donnelly said in an interview here. “I’m fine with that. I’m fine with $3 [billion], $3.5, $4 or $5” billion this fall.

Donnelly supported Trump’s immigration bill, which would cut legal immigration, provide $25 billion for the wall and provide a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million young immigrants. He also supported several variations of that and backed the Gang of Eight immigration bill in 2013.

So, there must be at least some ration Democrats still out there. Sen. Joe Donnelly has undoubtedly left himself vulnerable to the intolerant and unreasonable left.

This isn’t the first time Donnelly has bucked the Democratic agenda. Five years ago he didn’t support Obama’s gun-control movement. “I am a supporter of the second amendment”, the Senator told TRV6:


As Reported By The Daily Caller:

Donnelly’s announcement about border wall funding came amid a flurry of ads calling the senator out for having an immigration position that does not represent the people of Indiana, reported Politico

Donnelly is taking a middle-of-the-road stance on immigration during the election season “so he can stay alive,” the senator’s Republican challenger Mike Braun told Politico. Braun and Donnelly were neck-and-neck in an Axios poll that closed July 2, reported the Indiana Business Journal.

So is it a brilliant ploy to survive the dying blue wave and pick up swing voters? The fact that he has consistently voted against his party in the past makes me wonder. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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