Whoopi Goldberg Admits She Made Sexual Advances On A Minor

The View is like a nest of vipers constantly attacking conservatives. Liberals and leftists love to see Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar rip into Trump and any other conservative for their views. So as you can imagine they were not big fans of Kavanaugh as he supposedly did something 30 years ago. An incident that is pure hearsay. But as it turns out Goldberg should not have been ‘throwing rocks,’ since her conduct has been questionable in the past.

Goldberg interviewed Neil Patrick Harris who admitted that she made an aggressive pass at him back when he was in his teens.

“You know, I did my first movie ever with Whoopi Goldberg in a movie called ‘Clara’s Heart’, and we worked together on that,” Harris recalled. “And she told me, she told me—I was what, 15, 16 years old. She told me on my last day of shooting that ten years—in ten years time—she was gonna have sex with me.”

“I might have,” Whoopi revealed after a  pause, to which the audience responded with a bout laughter.

“So I want to know what’s happening?” Harris questioned.

“He had many questions as a kid,” Whoopi confessed. “And so I said, ‘Listen, wait ten years, and I’ll take you through it.’”

Whoopi defended herself playfully, “See, in those days you could actually have some fun like that. You can’t do that now. People get very upset now.”

Harris tried to make light of it, “Hey, I was not offended. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Well if I can find it you can have it,” Whoopi responded

Watch the Clip Below.

Got to love the hypocrisy of the left here. If this had been a conservative making the same comment he or she would have been skewered and called a sexual deviant of some sort. But since Whoopi follows the whims of the MSM and hates Trump it’s no big deal.

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