Williams College Students Demand Segregated Housing

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything… Students at William’s College in Massachusetts are actually demanding that their housing be segregated. The school which is primarily White is demanding Affinity Housing.

Affinity Housing “is a system which allows students who self-identify within a marginalized group to live together in a community.”

So housing where like-students live under the same roof.

On Friday, the Coalition Against Racist Education (CARE) Now released an open letter to the Board of Trustees with a list of 12 demands calling upon the College’s trustees to fulfill their “obligation to the well-being and safety of its students, faculty and staff.” A group of student activists seeking to continue “in the legacy of Black-led organizing efforts on the Williams College campus.”

CARE Now was formed last year, its name recognizing the original CARE movement that occupied Jenness House in 1988. CARE Now’s letter indicates ways in which students believe the College can work toward making the College a less harmful place for those of marginalized identities and to take steps toward becoming a more inclusive institution. ”

A failure by the Board to respond would be indicative of the very institutional negligence to which CARE Now draws attention. Affinity housing, the third of CARE Now’s 12 demands, has been advocated for by students as early as 1969, when the Afro-American Society, which occupied Hopkins Hall in demonstration, named affinity housing as one of its demands.

The College did not respond to the Afro-American Society’s demands and has continually ignored such demands…The longevity of this issue demonstrates that the call for affinity housing will not extinguish over time, so long as the College fails to address the residential needs of the marginalized members of its community.”

The demand is actually being made by students, who are minorities. They claim that being separated from the white students will make them feel less tokenized or marginalized. It’s an odd request. The school feels it would be divisive but for some reason, these students want to be segregated at least when it comes to housing.


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