WINNING! Donald Trump Gives Medals of Freedom To American LEGENDS

There have been many people who have shaped America and made it what it is today. President Trump felt it was high time that we honored some of these great individuals. He started off with Baseball Legend Babe Ruth, The King Of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, Justice Antonin Scalia, Philanthropist Miriam Adelson, Sen. Orrin Hatch, former quarterback Roger Staubach, and defensive end Alan Page.

This prestigious award is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, which may be awarded by the President to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

The president plans to hold a ceremony giving these medals out on November 16th.

The Recipients. 

Babe Ruth a name that is almost synonymous with baseball and home runs. He is was also known for his valiant work in supporting the war effort and his charity: The Babe Ruth Foundation, which aimed to help underprivileged youths.

The White House, in announcing Elvis Presley, noted that he “defined American culture to billions of adoring fans around the world. Elvis fused gospel, country, and rhythm and blues to create a sound all his own, selling more than a billion records. Elvis also served nearly 2 years in the United States Army, humbly accepting the call to serve despite his fame.”

“Miriam Adelson, a doctor and philanthropist, who “has practiced internal and emergency medicine, studied and specialized in the disease of narcotic addiction, and founded two research centers committed to fighting substance abuse,” according to the White House. She is the wife of Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson.”

 “Senator Orrin Hatch is one of the longest serving Senators in American history, having represented Utah for more than 41 years.  Currently the Senate’s President pro tempore and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Senator Hatch has sponsored more bills that have become law than any other living Member of Congress.”

“Alan Page, a former NFL player who’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, earned his degree in law while on the Minnesota Vikings roster “and practiced law during the off season,” the news release said.

“After retiring from the NFL in 1981, Justice Page practiced law full-time before winning a seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1992,” a seat he held for more than two decades, the White House said. “Since 1988, his Page Education Foundation has provided scholarships to nearly 7,000 students.”

Roger Staubach, a “hall-of-fame quarterback,” also played in the NFL and claimed two Super Bowl victories, according to the news release.

After his time playing professional football, Staubach went on to become an accomplished businessman and “a champion for many charitable causes,”

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