Wisconsin Company Gives Employees A Christmas Gift To Remember

Christmas is still weeks away but one company has given their employees a gift to remember. Some companies throw annual Christmas parties, eggnog is shared, the exchanging of gifts, and carols are played on the stereo. But this Wisconsin company, BenShot, is going above a regular company Christmas. They are giving the gift of self-defense. A gift that can keep an employee and their family safe. They are going to give each employee a gun.

The Hortonville, Wisconsin company gave them to their employees “for personal safety.”

“We wanted something that was first for personal safety and protection of employees and the second was fun and memorable,” said Ben Wolfgram, who co-founded the business with his father.

BenShot makes glassware that is meant to look like a bullet is about to pierce it. They are novelty glasses. The company is on the small side with 16 full-time employees and multiple part-timers. A good portion of their employees are veterans and they encourage veterans to apply.

“Our owners want us and our families to feel safe and it’s very clear that we support the Second Amendment,” said employee Chelsea Priest, who noted she was proud to work for a company that “shows what they believe in.”

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BenShot had their employees take safety classes first. They then had the employees go to gunshops of their choice and pick out their weapons. The owners have already seen benefits from the gifts as many of the of the employees are going to the range together. Which is like a free team building workshop.

A few of the employees initially declined the gift. But after taking the safety course they seem to be coming around to the idea of having the ability to protect themselves and their families.

Now that’s a Christmas gift that keeps giving.

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