Woman Meets A Fatal End After Helping Holiday Con Artists

During the Christmas season, it seems like there are more panhandlers and people in need. At busy intersections and sometimes at highly trafficked shopping centers, those in need congregate. They are usually holding up a sign asking for some kind of aid whether it be money or food. But if people can afford it they will try to spread some holiday cheer and their wealth to those in need. A woman in Maryland was doing just that when she was attacked.

This was a good Samaritan who saw an individual holding a sign, who appeared to be down on her luck,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore police’s public information officer. “So, they stopped the car and gave her money.”

52-year-old Jacquelyn Smith was trying to do a good deed. She saw a woman holding a baby with a sign that read: “Please help me feed my baby.” Smith was in the passenger seat and reached out to hand the woman in need some money. Upon reaching out she was greeted by a man who at first thanked her then attacked her attempting to rob her by knifepoint. There was a struggle and Smith was stabbed to death.

The poor woman and attacker fleed the scene apparently in cahoots. It was a trap.

“The attacker was described as a man in his 30s, about 6 feet tall with a goatee. The woman, who appeared to be in her 20s, was about 5 feet, 4 inches tall and was last seen wearing a brown jacket.

This is truly sad as Smith was trying to help her fellow man. Now her family will be in mourning over her attempt to help someone out. I hope they catch these rotten people. She was helping them and they saw it as weakness, an opportunity to take advantage of a good person.


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