WOW: Poll Reveals That Most Americans Want Mueller’s Investigation Shut Down

Americans keep telling Mueller to end his investigation. Survey after survey shows that to be true but the deep state continues to ignore them.

The probe hasn’t produced results since it began and has become something of a financial drain on taxpayers. Worse, the investigation keeps the voters split down the party lines. So, why keep ignoring the majority and continue with this witchhunt?

The Aug. 2-6 survey found 46 percent of registered voters nationwide believe it should continue while 37 percent of respondents said it needs to end. The remaining 17 percent said they don’t know or had no opinion, according to pollsters behind the Morning Consult-Politico survey.

Those numbers are similar to how voters split over whether they think Trump’s team did conspire with Russia to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election: Forty-two percent of voters said they believe it while 39 percent did not, The Washington Examiner reported.

As Reported By Fox News:

Trump’s opponents say the Constitution makes clear that the president has the power to order the Justice Department to end any and all investigations he wishes – and the Mueller investigation is no exception.

Article II of the Constitution places the duty to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed” on the president – and the president alone.

It was well understood at the time of the Constitution’s ratification that the president has control over all federal law enforcement. Even creating the post of special counsel – now occupied by Mueller – cannot transfer the president’s power over law enforcement to an entity that lacks accountability to the American people.

To allow anyone else to exercise any aspect of the president’s authority would sap him of “energy in the executive,” as Alexander Hamilton called it. As Hamilton observed in the Federalist Papers – a collection of essays to support ratification of the Constitution – “good government” requires “energy in the executive.” Hamilton wrote that a vigorous president is “essential to the protection of the community from foreign attacks” and “the steady administration of the laws.”

However, In Trump’s case most ‘experts’ say that Trump shouldn’t intervene and to do so would only leave him open for further investigations. Which, is easy to see but at some point, someone is going to have to end this thing. Hopefully, it will be the DOJ or Mueller himself who stops the endless probe.

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