YACK! You Won’t Believe What This Drag Nun Was Caught Doing

It appears that the radical left’s attempts to normalize their ideologies have hit a new low following the arrest of 53-year-old Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore under charges of indecent exposure. Ellis-Gilmore is a member of a drag group called ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ and was reportedly caught publicly engaging in masturbation.

The report from the Humboldt County Sheriff outlines the events that occurred on August 12, when deputies were dispatched to the area of South Jetty Road and Table Bluff Road in Loleta following reports of Ellis-Gilmore exposing himself in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle. Witness Randy Fleek declared that it was “f***ed up,” as “[Ellis-Gilmore] was not hiding it. He wants everyone to see what he’s doing.”

Merely months before, the Los Angeles Dodgers had chosen to honor Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with their Community Hero Award, sparking backlash from Catholic organizations. The incident with Ellis-Gilmore and members of his organization provides an incredible example of how warped radical ideologies do not belong in the mainstream.

At the same time, the criminal charges of indecent exposure that Ellis-Gilmore faces are concerning, as it is a misdemeanor offence upon the first offence, requiring sex offender registration. Unquestionably, unsuspecting citizens do not expect or desire to be faced with sexual encounters while out in public spaces. Therefore, to act in such a way goes against both accepted public standards as well as legal standards.

The effect of the radical left and its attempts to normalize its own agendas is not only concerning but also irresponsible. Cases like these provide further evidence of how and why such attempts should be heavily criticized.

Personally, I would have been terrified to witness what this man was doing and I can’t imagine a world where we would just hold people like this on a pedestal. Plainly put, that’s a sexual deviant at best and predator at worst.

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