Youtube Admits to Squashing Pro-Life Content

The online video platform made a controversial move after they decided to change their top 10 videos about abortion.

The top 10 videos on abortion had been voted there but after a liberal writer from The Slate whined about there not being enough Pro-Abortion, Youtube decided to cave for the worst.

Youtube claims that they changed the content due to misinformation and graphic content. But that’s BS.

Before the change, there was: a “congressional testimony from former abortion doctor turned pro-life activist Dr. Antony Levatino, an unidentified Ben Shapiro video, a video called “LIVE Abortion Video on Display,” and a personal story about abortion called “Abortion: My Experience” with a thumbnail adding “my biggest mistake.”

The Congressional Hearing that they Youtube took down. Apparently, he was giving out too much truth.

But perhaps the most obvious contradiction to YouTube’s comment is “Abortion: My Experience,” a video that according to the Slate report, previously featured at around ninth in the search results. The video is a woman’s personal story of being pressured into an abortion by an allegedly abusive partner, and subsequently regretting the decision.

The video doesn’t feature any graphic images. As it’s a personal story, it can’t be accused of “misinformation” either. It seems disappearing the stories of women who don’t have the correct abortion experience is now YouTube’s policy.”

YouTube made this move after The Slate’s April Glaser put out:

“YouTube’s Search Results for “Abortion” Show Exactly What Anti-Abortion Activists Want Women to See: Gory videos rife with misinformation.”

The article is over the top when it comes to pro-abortion as you can tell by the title. Glaser writes in her article that she feels the pro-life videos were more prominent on youtube and she felt that this was not giving young girls the right message.

So, in other words, she complained to Youtube that they were not being pro-abortion enough for her. So now because of her whining Youtube caved and is now misleading the youth of our nation with a pro-murder stance.

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