Youtube Apologizes For Not Taking More Extreme Action Against Steven Crowder

Vox writer Carlos Maza attacked Steven Crowder for calling him gay. Maza identifies as a gay or queer man. Crowder was not being malicious he was joking around.

He claimed as much when he saw Maza ranting on Twitter. Maza complained to Youtube and eventually won out, as Youtube demonetized Crowder. But even that was not enough for Maza or the LGBTQ. They think this is a slap on the wrist Aand asked the CEO of Youtube, Susan Wojcicki, about it during an Arizona conference.

“Are you really sorry for anything that happened to the LGBTQ community? Or are you just sorry they were offended?” An audience member asked.

“First of all, I’m really, personally very sorry. It was not our intent, YouTube has always been a home of so many LGBTQ creators, and that’s why it was so emotional. And that’s why I think this really… Even though it was a hard decision, it was harder that it came from us — because it was such an important home.

And even though we made this decision … we have so many people from the LGBTQ community and we’ve always wanted to support the community openly in spite of this hard issue that we’ve had right now… As a company we really want to support this community. It’s just from a policy standpoint, we need to be consistent because look, if we took down that content, there would be so much other content that we would need to take down.”

We don’t want to just be knee-jerk; we need to think about it in a very thoughtful way; be able to speak with everyone; we’ll speak with people in the LGBTQ community, make sure that we’re incorporating that going forward in terms of how we think about harassment, and then make sure that we are implementing that in a fair and consistent way going forward.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Crowder was not that bad. This is another attack on Free Speech, over what? A gay man being called ‘gay,’ how is this offensive? If you call a straight man straight do you think he cares? Maza needs to own up and stop complaining. Why take ‘queer’ or ‘gay’ offensive? He could have easily handled Crowder with some funny oneliner about being proud to be gay and at least im not…insert comeback. But instead, we are in this free speech killing PC movement, which will hurt us all in the end.

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