Youtube Star Takes On Hollywood With A “Who Said It” Segment – Obama or Trump?

Austen Fletcher a Youtuber surprised many people with some political quotes the game was is it Trump or a Democrat?

He started off with this tough one:

FLETCHER: “We all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants.”

GRAY SPIDER-MAN: “Oh, that’s Trump all the way.”

FLETCHER: “That’s actually Barack Obama, 2005.”


Fletcher: “We need to be very careful about Syrian Refugee Admissions.”

Normal Costumed Spiderman: “That’s Trump.”

Fletcher: “Dianne Feinstein 2015″


Fletcher: ” We in Congress Stand by Israel. In Congress, we speak with one voice on the subject of Israel.”

Gray Spiderman: “That’s Trump.”

Fletcher: “That’s Nancy Pelosi.”

Watch The Video Below.

This is how you can tell the Liberal Mainstream Media is prominent in Calfornia. But what can you expect with representatives like Maxine Waters and Pelosi…

As you can see Trump’s current policies used to be accepted by Democrats and Republicans but the difference is how he stands by his words. He doesn’t just say them to win votes. Trump actually follows through. The President said he was going to build a wall and it is being built. Trump said he was going to bring back Coal and he is in the process of helping to subsidize it for the next to years to protect the power grid. The list goes on where he fulfills his campaign promises. But does the MSM give him props for being an honest politician?

No, they can’t wait to bash him, twisting his words as recent as the MS-13 “animal” controversy where Trump was clearly talking about the murderous gang. But the media instead made out that he felt your everyday illegal immigrant is an “Animal.”

So it’s no wonder that Californians would have a negative outlook on Trump and would be completely in the dark about the ever-changing views of their own representatives or the Liberal Idolized Obama.

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