If Libs Get Their Way Could This Be The Future For America?

What Exactly Does ‘Free Healthcare’ Cost Once Taxpayer’s Money Runs Out?

That’s a frightening concept but a notion we are all too familiar with in America a ‘top heavy society’. Not having the cash flow coming in to offset costs has led to recessions and even a depression not to mention the current state of the ever-dwindling Social Security fund.

The socialist empire, Venezuela, is the latest in failing universal healthcare systems. Taking a look at what is going wrong elsewhere could give the United States a look at what ‘could be’ and what we can do to stop it.

According to NPR, the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela estimates the country is suffering from an 85 percent shortage of medicine amid an economic crisis also marked by severe hyperinflation and food scarcity.

The entire Venezuelan health care system is on the verge of collapse, says Francisco Valencia, head of the public health advocacy group Codevida. Some hospitals lack electricity, and more than 13,000 doctors have left Venezuela in the past four years in search of better opportunities.

As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

Socialism, so vaunted for all its “free healthcare” is leading the way for the elimination of all medical care, in Venezuela.

Seems that treating gang members is a life-threatening proposition for doctors in the country’s public hospitals. Cure the gangbanger of whatever bullet or knife wounds he gets out on the streets, and you live. Lose such a patient, as you work in a hospital without bandages or medical supplies, and the gang members kill you.

The Miami Herald reports:

Junior Rodríguez is used to seeing death and violence up close because he’s a doctor in a public hospital in Venezuela, one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

But the violence has been turning more personal for Rodríguez and the rest of the medical staff at the Dr. Luis Razetti de Barcelona University Hospital in the eastern state of Anzoátegui.

The staffers work under constant death threats made by relatives or friends of patients — some of them dangerous gang members — if the patients die.

“Most of the time that’s the doctor’s worst fear, that the patient dies and the relatives take it out on him,” Rodriguez said in a telephone interview. “The threat of harm if the patient dies is always there. We don’t have any kind of protection. You treat a person who turns out to be a criminal, and if that person decides to point a gun at you, there’s nothing you can do.”

Nobody can work in those conditions. This is the absolute end of medical care in Venezuela. There just won’t be any if trying to treat a patient equates to a death sentence for the doctor.

So will the last Venezuelan doctor kindly turn out the light? Well, no – there’s no electricity, either…

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