Gun Shop Owner’s ‘Gut Feeling’ Prevents Mass Shooting [Video]

John Laubscher, owner of ‘The Gun Shop’ in Nelson, Syracuse, New York prevented a possible mass-shooting at a Syracuse college using his basic instinct that most people chose to ignore. His gut!

John’s livelihood depends on the Second Amendment but rather than ‘making a sale’ he called the police when a young man entered his store suspiciously looking to buy a high capacity rifle. The man, Xiaoteng Zhan, 22, unusual behavior alerted the owner something wasn’t right.

According to Syracuse news, Zhan told a friend that the “dark side” had pushed him to buy a gun, bulletproof vest and other items, McGork said, reading from an English translation of their messages.

“I might use the gun to cause trouble,” Zhan said, adding, “I have been preparing.”

When his alarmed friend begged him not to shoot children or kill her, Zhan responded: “You’re the only one I don’t want to kill.”

His chilling words to his friend could have easily been the last warning anyone had before Zhan took aim at innocent students. Take a look.

As Reported By Thomas Lifson With American Thinker:

The tip started the investigation that led to Zhan’s apprehension and deportation.

The gun shop owner, John Laubscher, told

“He had a desire to buy a certain thing,” said Laubscher, the owner of The Gun Shop and AJ’s Archery. “As we got into the conversation, nothing was lining up. All of his answers to questions were different than the guns he was looking at.” (snip)
The warning signs started piling up for Laubscher:

A high-capacity shotgun isn’t needed for hunting.
Zhan had just got his hunting license, which as a non-U.S. citizen he need to buy a gun in New York state.
Zhan didn’t know how to use the gun.
Zhan said Syracuse University offered a class on how to use the weapon. Laubscher, who earned his master’s degree from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, knew SU didn’t offer such a class.

“Later on, when we asked him where his training was going to occur, it probably wasn’t realistic that he was gonna learn to shoot a gun at college, and in the classroom,” Laubscher said. “That just made no sense and set off all the alarms.”

The striking sense of civic duty from someone who gave up the opportunity to make a sale sharply contrasts with the laxity of the Broward County Sheriff and the Parkland public schools…

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