House Judiciary Committee Out For Blood, Wants Heads To Roll For Laptop Cover-Up

House Judiciary Committee Republicans are out for blood and want heads to roll after a deep state movement to cover up Hunter Biden’s laptop story get’s revealed. They are demanding that 51 former intelligence operatives divulge information about their 2020 statement that documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop could be Russian disinformation — with a senior GOP aide telling The Post that the ex-spies should expect subpoenas next year if they fail to comply.

All 19 Republicans on the panel signed a letter to the intelligence community stalwarts demanding records on their claim that the laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation” — a statement which helped the Biden campaign discourage pre-election coverage of emails linking Joe Biden to his son’s business ventures in China and Ukraine.

Documents from the laptop were belatedly verified in the past month by the Washington Post and New York Times as a federal investigation into the first son over possible tax fraud, money laundering and foreign lobbying crimes heats up.

“We now know from subsequent reporting that the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden was not, as you and your co-signatories alleged, part of a ‘Russian information operation’,” the GOP letter says. “This belated verification of the Post’s reporting raises fresh questions about the public statement you signed in October 2020.”

The letter signed by Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Mike Johnson (R-La.) and others demands that the ex-intelligence operatives — including former CIA directors John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Michael Hayden, as well as ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper — “identify all people with whom you communicated about the inception, drafting, editing, signing, publishing, or promotion” of the statement and provide “all documents and communications referring or relating to” that effort.

“Although this statement acknowledged that you had seen no actual ‘evidence’ of Russian involvement with respect to the publication of Hunter Biden’s emails, you nonetheless conveyed a ‘deep suspicio[n] that the Russian government played a significant role in the case.’ Later in the statement, you went further to state a ‘view’—not merely a suspicion anymore—’that the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue,’” the letter recounts.

“At best, the public statement was a reckless attempt by you and your co-signatories to erroneously opine about purported election interference. At worse—and more likely—the public statement was a deliberate and coordinated effort to mislead the American people about information relevant to the 2020 presidential election by invoking your national security experience to falsely suggest that the allegations about Hunter Biden were not based in fact.”

Democrats currently control the House of Representatives, but Republicans are favored to win the November midterm elections, which would allow them to wield subpoena powers next year that can compel potential witnesses in any congressional investigation to produce documents and submit to questioning.

A senior GOP aide told The Post that “these intelligence officials have a choice: either cooperate now, or face the consequences when Republicans take the majority next year.”

“If they have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t be hard for them to work with the committee,” the source said.

If there is nothing to hide and this wasn’t party of a deep state cover-up why hasn’t anyone questioned those 51 former intelligence operatives that weighed in early on calling the laptop ‘Russian disinformation’?

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