Karma: Avenatti Pleads Guilty To Even MORE Charges In Federal Case

This guy must be a horrible lawyer because he’s lost every case he’s represented himself in. Porn Star Stormy Daniels’s former lawyer Michael Avenatti just plead guilty in a federal fraud case where he represented himself. Avenetti lost in a criminal case where the porn star accused him of stealing $300k from her.

The Justice Department published details about the lawyer’s crimes:

 “Avenatti admitted guilt in each of the four legal matters discussed in a federal grand jury indictment that charged him with embezzling money from clients. Avenatti admitted that he engaged in the conduct charged in the four counts of the indictment, which includes receiving money on behalf of clients into client trust accounts, misappropriating the money, and lying to the clients about receiving the money or, in one case, claiming that the money had already been sent to the client.

 The charge of endeavoring to obstruct the administration of the Internal Revenue Code is one of 19 tax-related offenses in the indictment. In relation to the tax count he pleaded guilty to today, Avenatti admitted that he corruptly obstructed and impeded the IRS’s efforts to collect unpaid payroll taxes, which the government estimates amount to approximately $5 million and include payroll taxes that he been withheld from the paychecks of employees of the Avenatti-owned company that operated Tully’s Coffee.

 After pleading guilty today, Avenatti still faces a total of 31 counts – six wire fraud charges, 18 tax-related charges, two counts of bank fraud related to alleged false statements he made in an attempt to obtain loans from a federally insured financial institution, one count of aggravated identity theft for misusing the name of a tax preparer in relation to the bank fraud scheme, and four counts of bankruptcy fraud related to alleged false statements he made after his law firm was forced into bankruptcy.”

The report shows that the fed hasn’t figured out what to do with the creepy lawyer yet and has postponed ed sentencing until sometime in August.

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