Amazon Allowed U.K. Customers To Donate To Group Led By An Alleged Extremist

Amazon received some criticism, as it turns an organization they allow their customer to donate to was founded by an alleged radical Islamic extremist. Amazon allows customers to donate half a percent of their purchase to a charity of their choice under their Amazon Smile program. The Muslim Research and Development Fund (MRDF) was on that list and co-founded by Haitham al-Haddad. Haddad has been called “one of the most dangerous men in Britain”

According to the Times, while Haddad has criticized terrorist attacks against “innocent civilians,” he also has stated that Muslims ultimately will conquer “the enemies of Islam” and establish a regime that will deploy the death penalty for adultery and refusing to follow the Muslim faith.

“I have received so many requests from western women who committed adultery,” the Times quoted Haddad as saying in 2012. “They were begging me to help them to find a way to a Muslim country to be stoned to death.” Spokesmen for Haddad previously have said that his statements were taken out of context.”

Haddad is a follower of the Salafi movement within Sunni Islam. It is a movement that has been accepted by Al Qaeda. The MRDF is considered the biggest Salafi organization in the U.K.

Amazon weighed in on the MRDF and blamed their charity regulator.

Amazon “said it relied on the charities regulator to “determine which organizations are eligible to participate”. The four charities identified by the think tank were all “approved by the Charity Commission”, it said.

“Due to the serious nature of these concerns, we have referred these allegations to the commission and will be conducting a full review to ensure they do not violate our policies.”

The Islamic founded organization has responded attempting to reassure the public that they are harmless.

MRDF has said it promotes non- violence. Its stated aim is “to see the rise and emergence of Muslims championing the pristine teachings of Islam in the West”.

A spokesperson for Haddad claims that he is a scholar and his words have just been grossly taken out of context.

The MRDF also claims that Haddad no longer leads them, now he is just a key figure in the organization that campaigns for them.

Amazon should offer a refund to these donors.

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