3 State School Boards Cut Ties With NSBA Over “Domestic Terrorism” Claim

It looks like not was on board with the slanderous letter that the NSBA sent the Biden Admin. After the letter went public and it showed that the NSBA felt parents were Domestic Terrorists, three states cut ties with the NSBA. Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania announced their departure.

On Tuesday, the Ohio group sent a statement to Chip Slaven, the Executive Director of the NSBA, ending its affiliation with the national organization. The Ohio chapter cited the NSBA’s unilateral decision to write an open letter to the Biden administration likening parents to “domestic terrorists” as its justification for making the split, saying they would have objected had they been consulted.

The withdrawal “is a direct result of the letter sent by you to President Joe Biden late last month,” the OSBA said.

“The letter purported to be sent on behalf of state associations and school board members across the nation. This assertion could not be further from the truth. OSBA was not notified of the letter, nor were we asked for our thoughts on the matter,” the statement continued.”

“Also severing its relationship with the national organization was the Pennsylvania School Board Association, which voted unanimously last week to leave after the NSBA letter.

“The most recent national controversy surrounding a letter to President Biden suggesting that some parents should be considered domestic terrorists was the final straw. This misguided approach has made our work and that of many school boards more difficult,” the group said.”

Citing similar objections to the NSBA letter, the Missouri School Board Association also cut ties with the national group, claiming that it “demonstrated it does not currently align with MSBA’s guiding principles of local governance,” the executive director told members in a recent statement.”

I can only hope that these states were in disagreement with the NSBA and it’s not that they were upset for being found out and wanted to distance themselves. Either way, it’s good on them for cutting ties from this organization that was trying to get parents arrested for trying to protect their kids from the divisive Critical Race Theory.

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