A Biden Presidency Screwed Dems, Here Is The Latest Prediction On What To Expect

Fox News co-anchor Dana Perino brought up a very valid point that’s worth discussing. The Biden administration, including dead-weight Kamala Harris, are destroying Democrat’s odds of regaining power in the future. Our founding fathers had the foresight to understand that power should not be absolute and this set up our government to function fairly slowly so that mistakes can be caught with the intention that one party would share power with the other.

Unfortunately, it’s that foresight is exactly what Democrats have targeted in an attempt to create a one-party nation. Some Democrats have gone so far as to openly demonize the Republican party declaring it unnecessary. A concept that is far more communist than American.

During Thursday’s show, Dana Perino highlighted how states like Texas have been forced to take matters into their own hands under the lack of leadership from the Federal government. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is moving to allocate $250 million of state taxpayer money toward completing the southern border wall within his state, which began construction under President Trump but halted under President Biden. Meanwhile, the administration refuses to acknowledge the crisis and the crushing financial burden caused by the sudden influx of illegals.

“I think it is very real,” Perino replied when asked whether Abbott is acting in real support of his state, or in support of partisan politics. “Especially if you are in Texas and one big frustration has to be for the governor that they have this problem, the federal government is unwilling to help—but immigration and border security is a federal government responsibility.”

“That’s why it’s amazing that they say, ‘we will take a billion dollars of state taxpayer money to try to deal with this problem,'” she said. Texas allocated $1 billion to border security with $250 million being a down payment for the border wall.

“On the political side of things, because of the lack of action by the Biden administration, you are allowing these governors a chance to shine,” she said, adding that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, R, is the other border state governor appearing to make decisions towards addressing the issue.

Perino went on to point out Democrats in nearby states, lake California Gov Gavin Newsom, who are failing the people.


While Perino isn’t directly saying that Democrats are screwing themselves in the long run but the reality is this— She brings up an interesting point. These GOP lawmakers who are stepping up in place of Biden’s failures are putting themselves on course for a presidential run. With all their poor decisions, failed policies, and pointless existences, Democrats are scorching the only people who matter.

Given that Republicans will be able to continue to secure voting security and block their attempts to become the ‘supreme leaders’, we could see a red flood. Not just in the upcoming midterms but in 2024’s presidential race— If Biden-Harris makes it that long.

I’m interested to hear what you think or if you believe Democrats will force their supreme rule over the US in their attempts to eliminate the GOP completely.

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