A Win For The Good Guys: School District Forced To…

Liberal Teachers are rebelling and often teaching the divisive Critical Race Theory to students, regardless of whether it is allowed. So North Carolina’s Johnston County Board of Commissioners decided to do something about it. They told their school district that they were going to withhold about $8 million in funding unless the school changed its guideline to make teaching CRT a fireable offense.

No student or staff member shall be subjected to the notion that racism is a permanent component of American life. … All people deserve full credit and recognition for their struggles and accomplishments throughout United States history. The United States foundational documents shall not be undermined. No employee of Johnston County Schools will make any attempt to discredit the efforts made by all people using foundational documents for reform. 

No fictional accounts or narratives shall be used to invalidate actual objective historical events. All people who contributed to American Society will be recognized and presented as reformists, innovators and heroes to our culture. Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.”

The school board complied this past Friday and amended their code of conduct.

Parents with the group, “JCPS Parents for Freedom,” where happy with the new standards, though wrote on Facebook that the board didn’t go far enough to ban the teachings of critical race theory, an academic framework used to look at how racial disparities affect government systems.

“It is a positive step in the right direction,” said admin of the group, Heather Rainville. “I’m raising my children to love and give respect equally and to be good humans and any policy that does not teach them to divide and discriminate their peers is positive to me.”

Bill Crocker, member of the activist organization Liberal People of Johnston County, said he was extremely disappointed with the board’s decision.

“I know the intent is to pacify the Board of Commissioners unreasonable assertions that CRT or anything of the sort is actually being taught in our Johnston County schools. I strongly believe that this policy will be used to target teachers who do not bow to the conservative social pressure of whitewashing our history,” he said in a message.”

This is a huge win that will hopefully start a trend nationwide. Teachers shouldn’t be allowed to teach their political biases to students and that’s what CRT is.

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