ADL Releases “Woke” Appoved Halloween Guidelines

Liberals can’t leave anything alone, everything must be tweaked to fit their narrative. So now they are going after Halloween. They are trying to get people to stop perpetuating gender identities with their costumes. Because male and female-oriented costumes are somehow triggering.

Holidays that focus on “dress-up” can quickly fall into stereotypes. It’s important to establish an understanding within the school community that Halloween can be creative, fun and respectful. If students or adults wear costumes that convey stereotypes or demean cultural groups, be sure to address your concerns right away.

Before Halloween, be proactive by addressing these issues in advance and use it as an educational opportunity to discuss stereotypes, bias and cultural appropriation. Many children and families don’t realize that their costume choices are potentially hurtful or offensive. For example, a child who may be interested in Native American stories and history wants to dress up as a Native American person. Consider it an opportunity to talk with them about how Native American dress is not a costume.  Instead, it is an essential part of identity, unique to each different tribe with their own customs and ways of dress.

Help children understand that Halloween costumes are only fun or funny when they don’t hurt or make fun of other people or spread stereotypes.”

Many Halloween costumes perpetuate gender stereotypes and exclude those who don’t conform to traditional gender norms, especially those who are transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming. Be mindful that you may have students who feel excluded and marginalized by the overly gendered way Halloween costumes are marketed.”

Halloween is all about dressing up as something else. It’s not about politics or gender identities. We should not be limiting kids like this and stopping them from dressing however they want. And there is nothing wrong with girls dressing as princesses or men dressing as Super-man. These Libs need to find a hobby.

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