“Anti-Racists” Cry Over Failure To Appoint Black Mayor

And there is a twist here. The mayor that won is not even white. This is how insane Libs are. Bostonian Libs are upset that Michelle Wu, an Asian woman, won the mayoral race, and it wasn’t even close. She had almost double the votes. In the final race for mayor, it was between Wu and Annissa Essaibi George. So an Asian woman, and a polish-Arab woman, so both are minorities. But that didn’t matter, some libs cried because a black candidate didn’t make it past the preliminaries.

NPR covered this madness:

Many in Boston were hopeful that this would be the year, in this time of racial reckoning, that Boston might elect its first Black mayor, as most of the nation’s 30 largest cities have already done.

Three Black candidates were in the race, and one even had the advantage of running as an incumbent, after automatically inheriting the job – as an interim — when Mayor Marty Walsh left to become secretary of labor in the Biden administration. And yet, neither Acting Mayor Kim Janey, nor the others, even made it to the final runoff election this month.

“I got home, and I cried,” says Danny Rivera, an artist and civil rights activist in Boston. “I cried my eyes out because I don’t know the next time we’ll see a Black mayor in our city.”

“I mean the data speaks for itself, and it’s troubling,” says former Massachusetts State Rep. Marie St. Fleur. Especially, she says, for a city still straining under a longtime reputation as racist.

“For those of us born or raised in Boston, and who lived through some of the darker days, the fact that we blinked at this moment is sadness,” she says. “At what point in the city of Boston will we be able to vote — and I’m going to be very clear here — for a Black person in that corner office?”

But some Libs showed some common sense.

“We can only play the race card for so many occasions,” asserts the Rev. Eugene Rivers, a longtime Black community leader. “I mean Black leadership failed to produce success even with an incumbent. We failed. Now that’s not on white people.”

Asians are an even bigger minority in this country, yet somehow that’s glazed over by these radical Libs. It seems like the term anti-racist, in this instance, has been taken over by prejudiced people who only want black people to succeed.

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