Asian Author Proves Systematic Racism Is A Lie

Some minorities in our country believe that the system is against them. Even though we have just had a black president, minorities dominate in sports, and there is a lot of representation in Hollywood.  Kenny Xu, author of “An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy,” doesn’t understand the whole systematic racism claim either, and that’s mainly because Asians, who are a smaller minority than blacks, excel in America.

Critical race theory asserts that the world and America are divided into a racial caste system, Whites on the top, Blacks on the bottom,” Kenny Xu, author of “An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy,” said on “America Reports.” “But they have no idea what to do with the Asian Americans because the Asian Americans are a minority that has been discriminated against in this country, and yet they succeed and they achieve. And that, I think, inconveniences the critical race theory narrative today, and that’s why I wrote this book.”

Xu attributed Asian-American success to “culture” because they tend to “study twice as hard,” are typically raised in two-parent family structures, and place “strong value on education.”

“It’s the love for hard work and meritocracy, and what’s at stake with critical race theory because critical race theory believes that merit is racist,”  Xu said. “So if policies like Harvard’s discrimination against Asian Americans are allowed, guess who loses out? It’s the hard-working Asian Americans that work so hard to get their spot.”

Asians do better than most middle-class Americans.

In 2019, the median annual household income of households headed by Asian people was $85,800, compared with $61,800 among all U.S. households.”

So really Liberals. with their forced diversity, are mainly hurting Asians, an even smaller minority in this country. But instead of forcing diversity, liberals should be working to bring minorities up. If they truly wanted to help minorities they would raise money for schools in poor areas or donate their time tutoring, especially for inner-city students. Asians are proving that anyone can make it, you just need to put the work in.

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